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7 Steps for Choosing a DJ

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​1. Listen to your friends or other vendors when they refer you to a DJ.  They have seen the DJ in action, they know your tastes by now, and they should be trusted.

2. Interview the DJ, not just the DJ company.  Whether you do it on the phone or in person, always speak directly with the DJ you want to hire.  Let the DJ walk you through his experience and style.

3. Check References.  Speak with or email the references, particularly Brides and Grooms who have worked with the DJ you are considering.  They will give you insights from actual experience.

​4. Make sure you ask these core questions: "Do you have liability insurance?"  "How many weddings have you DJ'd?"  "Have you ever worked at my facility?"  "What types of music do you play at a wedding?"  "May I see photos of your DJ setup?"  "What types of MC responsibilities do you provide and what is your style on the microphone?"  These questions provide a lot of information about how much experience the DJ has.

5. Make sure that you allocate enough of your overall budget to the DJ.  Hiring a wedding DJ can be a daunting task and you'll see hundreds of DJ's with pricing all over the map.  You should figure on spending a substantial chuck of change for a really good, seasoned professional.  And you should factor in a gratuity!

6. Review the contract.  Make sure whoever you hire has a professional contract for you to sign.  This would include the total fee agreed upon, the deposit fee, the performance times, the venue information, the name of the DJ specifically, a short description of the services provided, and any service guarantees or contract riders.  All parties should sign and retain a copy.

7. Go with your instincts.  If you've checked into the company by doing some Google review researches, followed up with references directly from the DJ, and you have a great feeling about this DJ, you should move quickly to sign a contract and pay a deposit.  The most experienced DJ's book early.

**Taken from HeadOver**